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How to download and set up VICTVS V3

Watch our video on how to quickly set up VICTVS V3 here.

How to scan your ID

How to start your session

Pro tip – Always ensure you have the most recent version of VICTVS V3 downloaded to your device before you start a new session.

Camera and Microphone



For Session Managers


  • Hi there,
    I downloaded the VICTVS V3 app to my smart phone on Sat 24/10/20 and registered. I have not received confirmation of this. Will I need to remove the app from my phone and apply again?
    Can you advise please.

    • VICTVS Support
      28 October 2020 3:39 pm

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment.

      If you have not received confirmation of your account registration, then this suggests that something might have gone wrong during the registration process. Please try to register for an account again and see if that helps. You should not need to download the app from your phone again.

      Thank you